DC-DC Boost Module (10-32V to 12-35V)

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Product Description:

Module parameters



Height:23.5mm(including the heatsink)

Input voltage:10-32V

Input current:10A(max)(please add headsink when input voltage is over 10A)

Input method:IN+:input positive;IN-:input negative;

Output voltage:12 - 35V(can be adjusted continuously)

Output current:6A(max)

Output power:100W(max) when cooled naturely;150(max) when cooling fans are used

Output method:OUT+:output positive;OUT-:output negative

Connection method:ports

Conversion efficiency: 94%(measured when input 16V and output 19V/2.5A)

Work temperature:-40 degrees centigrade to 85 degrees centigrade

Full-load temperature rise:45 degrees centigrade

Empty-load current:typicaly 25mA

Short circuit protection:none(please add overcurrent protection device)

Input inverse protection:none(you can add diode by series connection)

User guide

How to use

First give the right input voltage,and then monitor the output voltage with a multimeter and regulate the potentiometer to change the output voltage until you get the right value.(usually output increase when turning clockwise and decrease counterclockwise)The output voltage can be adjusted continously.

Little notes

  • when temperature outside is over 40 degrees centigrade,please lower the power or add cooling fans.
  • no matter how you adjust the multimeter,the output voltage can not be lower than input voltage.


  • DIY,an adjustable output power supply in you cars:connect the 12V power in your cars and you can give power to your laptop computer or some other devices.
  • power supply for your electronic devices.adjust the output voltage to the value you want as long as the current is not over than the rated current.
  • power supply for system before class:when you are working in a project and you need about 24V power supply,but you only have a 10-18V battery,so you can choose this module.
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