Digital Tiny LCD Voltmeter

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Product Description:

The digital voltage meter head has characteristic of fast response, high accuracy, clear display, easy reading and strong stability. With well-designed circuit, it has anti-jamming ability, and can effectively suppress high frequency interference.

It is sophisticated, with beautiful appearance and long service life.
Installation is extremely easy.

It can be widely used in various instruments or meters as display unit, such as teaching equipment, power electronics, automatic control equipment, medical equipment, welding machine, AC and DC power supply, etc.

Technical Parameters:

  1. Working voltage: DC5V+/- 10%
  2. Working current:<100mA
  3. Working temperature: -10~+50℃
  4. Input impedance: > 1MΩ
  5. Measurement speed ≥2 times/s
  6. Measuring precision:+/- 0.01
  7. Super range shows: the first place show "1" or "- 1."
  8. Display colors: red (0.56 inch and common anode)
  9. Weight:60g

Appearance and size:

Wiring Diagram :

79*43*25 mm
Installing hole : 75*39.5 mm
Free gift : Two interface cables


  • Red wire: + VCC; Black wire: GND. (The power supplies should connect correctly,or it might be damaged)

  • Input the measured signal through the "IN" port, the input signal should not go beyond its maximum input range

  • Avoid strong electromagnetic interference and strong mechanical vibration

  • The working environment should not have corrosive gases、liquids and excessive impurities

Notice :This series contain 4 types:


  1. DC2V: Display range: DC 0 ~ 1.999 V
  2. DC20V: Display range: DC 0 ~ 19.99 V
  3. DC200V: Display range: DC 0 ~ 199.9 V


DC2A: Display range: DC 0 ~ 1.999 A

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