Continuous Potentiometer 60mm - Arduino compatible

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Sliding potentiometer in similar volume adjustment and parameter adjustment such places are often used to, the slider to sliding distance called trip, 60 trip is to slide, is the most commonly used 60mm in a trip. The selection of electronic blocks sliding potentiometer is 60 trip:

Based on the use of electronic and other building blocks, potentiometer only use the general sensors connecting cables or analog sensor, the connection to the analog input interface, such as the A5:

Then read by its value can Arduino, sample code shown below:
int sensorPin = 5;
int value = 0;

void setup() {

void loop() {
value = analogRead(sensorPin);
Serial.println(value, DEC);

So when the slider in different positions on the slide potentiometer, 
read out the value between 0 and will become continuous variation between 1023.
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