EHB Bluetooth - for Honda Datalog for Android application

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This module is for a Honda project by Peter Linszter. You can visit his page for more information about the project.


EHB Buletooth module is developed by Elechouse. EHB is the most powerful Bluetooth module we have. It supports up to 36 configuring commands (AT commands), which ensures its flexibility in application. And the function is useful, including data encryption, power saving, connection bind, extended I/O interface, RSSI etc. Most importamce, it supports both Master Mode and Slave Mode. Also, we add power supply option on this module. It supports both 3.3V and 5V. 



  • Power supply: 3.3V or 5V
  • Interface: UART TTL (3.3V)
  • Mode: Master or Slave


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This product is for Honda Datalog Application

How to change the baud rate?

1. Connect BT module with USB-TTL module. 
Note that TXD of Serial Bluetooth is connected to RXD of USB to UART model. Be careful about  the power voltage. Do not plug it to your PC to power it.

2. Set the module in AT mode
Push the right switch to “AT” position, which are labeled in the back of the board. plug the USB to UART model to your laptop.

3. Send config command
Now a serial tool is needed. We recommend AccessPort. Configure the serial port as: baud rate:38400; Data bit:8; Parity:N; Stop bit:1
Then send command: AT+UART=38400,1,0
Note that a CR/LF character should be added at the end of the command. At AccessPort, you should enable the CRLF button (yellow bold cross, like Chevrolet logo). If you get a reply "OK", you succeed.Just disconnect the power and power it again.

If you still don't know how to change it, please leave a message while you place the order, we will change it for you before we ship it.

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