Mini Oscilloscope DS0201 V1.5 Suit

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Product Description:

New features compared with V1.4.

  • Connectors are added between 2 PCB board.
  • Modified the circuit layout of inputting part.
  • Using thin-film keypad, not need the gasket any more.
  • MCX precision plug probe is used.

Features of new firmware

  • Modified the pattern of background coordinate grid
  • Correct the grammatical errors in the boot prompt information
  • Changed UI mode of operation: use right or left button to select the menu, up and down keys to change the menu option
  • Added "FIT" adaptive function for scan synchronization mode: 1)automatically select the scan time according to the signal frequency; 2)automatically select the sensitivity of Y-axis according to the signal amplitude
  • Without SD card, you can press both "p" and "M" button to automatically save the current state as the boot state.

Click here to learn more about new Firmware (software)

Click here to get the manual

Please Note: The device has been calibrated.

DS0201 is a pocket size digital storage oscilloscope fulfills basic electronic engineering requirements. It is base on ARMCortexTM-M3compatible 32 bit platform, equipped with 320*240 color display, SD card capability, USB connection, and chargeable batteries. Weighs only 60g! Portable Digital Oscilloscope DIY Kit provides waveform viewing, pocket size and over 2 hoursbatteryoperation. This DIY kit is a open source code. The Schematic, PCB layout and program code is free for re-design. It is ideal for production test, research, design and education.


Setup your SD card for first time usage: 

  1. Format SD card with FAT16
  2. Download datafile
  3. Decompress it, and copy to the root folder of SD card.

Package list:

  1. DS0201 body x 1
  2. Back plate x 1
  3. 3.7v lithium battery with connector
  4. Probe
  5. Free gift: DS0201 bag

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