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4Km RF Transmission Board
Price: $18.90
Date Added: Sunday 18 April, 2010
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Features This board uses SAW(SAW) oscillator, with high frequency stability and small temperature drift. Even while touching the antenna with hand, ...
4pin anti-reverse cable - 30 cm, for Arduino I2C/COM
Price: $1.00
Date Added: Friday 12 March, 2010
In Stock: 7767
Min:  50
This cable could be used to connect Arduino sensor and extended shields or the electronic bricks with COM interface. A is suitable for ...
5.0“ TFT LCD and Shield for Arduino DUE, with SD & Touch control
Model: DIS_050_TFT_DUE
Price: $59.10
Date Added: Monday 01 July, 2013
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Introduction We've already has an 3.2" TFT Screen shield for Arduino Due. Now here comes the 5.0" TFT Shield for Arduino Due. Arduino Due ...
50A Dual-Channel motor drive module-Arduino Compatible
Price: $25.90
Date Added: Friday 22 June, 2012
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Introduction This motor driver works with single channel max 20A working current capacity. This module performs far better than MC33886 or L298 motor ...
54Mbps USB WiFi Module V1
Price: $15.00
Date Added: Friday 17 September, 2010
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Product description: The RA54U 54M Wireless USB Adapter provides you the flexibility to install your PC in the most convenient location available, ...
5V & 3V3 Output Power Module
Price: $7.50
Date Added: Tuesday 14 August, 2012
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Min:  100
Introduction 5V&3V3 Output Power Module use LM7805 voltage chip. It can provide both 5V and 3.3V output voltage. Max output current is 1.5A. ...
5V Power DC Buck Wire
Model: DC_BUCK_V5N
Price: $6.99
Date Added: Sunday 15 March, 2015
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Overview This mini-buck module is designed based on BUCK topology. Output voltage is stable 5V. It has plastic cover outside, which could prevent ...
5V Relay Omron G5LA - Arduino compatible
Price: $6.43
Date Added: Sunday 07 February, 2010
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We can build electronics projects just as easy as piling bricks. Arduino and community have made the programming much easier than ever before. How ...
6V/1.5A Power Supply
Price: $11.08
Date Added: Wednesday 03 February, 2010
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1、Power Supply for use with the Arduino Diecimila. 2、6V, 1.5 A, 3、Center Positive Polarity
7" TFT Screen with Shield for Taiuino Arduino Due
Model: DIS_TFT_7WS
Price: $74.99
Date Added: Wednesday 09 April, 2014
In Stock: 164
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Overview 7" TFT screen requires over 600ma current. We know that Arduino Due could supply 800ma current through 5V outpuut pin. If the 7" ...
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