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13.56MHZ RFID Reader/Writer Module V4-- Ultralight
Price: $22.90
Sale: $21.76
Save: 5% off
Date Added: Wednesday 11 March, 2015
In Stock: 429
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Introduction This RFID module is upgraded version from 13.56MHZ RFID Reader/Writer Module. Compared with the old version, it supports more types of...
3.2“ TFT LCD and Shield for Arduino DUE, with SD & Touch control
Model: DIS_032_TFT_DUE
Price: $32.10  $28.00
Sale: $26.60
Save: 17% off
Date Added: Tuesday 09 April, 2013
Out of Stock
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Introduction We know that we could find many examples for Arduino and TFT LCD to work together, Arduino UNO with 2.8"/3.2" TFT screen, or...
5.0“ TFT LCD and Shield for Arduino DUE, with SD & Touch control
Model: DIS_050_TFT_DUE
Price: $59.10
Sale: $56.15
Save: 5% off
Date Added: Monday 01 July, 2013
In Stock: 45
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Introduction We've already has an 3.2" TFT Screen shield for Arduino Due. Now here comes the 5.0" TFT Shield for Arduino Due. Arduino Due...
ELECHOUSE Proxmark3 V2 DEV kits
Model: WLE_NFC_PM3_V2
Price: $399.00  $212.00
Sale: $201.40
Save: 50% off
Date Added: Tuesday 14 July, 2015
In Stock: 168
Promotions: Enter the coupon code  4aedf40c04c67555b53b to save 20USD. Look up the coupon information here.Plus 5USD to buy the Super Bag with...
GO2NFC141U NFC Reader
Model: GO2NFC141U
Price: $25.99
Sale: $24.69
Save: 5% off
Date Added: Tuesday 06 May, 2014
In Stock: 82
OverviewThe GO2NFC141U NFC Reader is contactless smart card reader/writer developed based on the 13.56 MHz Contactless (RFID) Technology. Unlike...
PN532 NFC RFID module V3 kits -- NFC with Android phone
Price: $22.90  $13.90
Sale: $13.21
Save: 42% off
Date Added: Tuesday 05 November, 2013
In Stock: 9550
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Fight copy version in the marketOverview NFC is a popular technology in recent years. We often heard this work while smart phone company such as...
SimpleVR speaker-independent Voice Recognition Module
Model: AU_VOI_VR_S1
Price: $34.50  $19.99
Sale: $18.99
Save: 45% off
Date Added: Friday 15 May, 2015
In Stock: 697
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Overview Wanna build voice recognition system? Want anyone to use your system without training it in advance? Here comes the SimpleVR voice...
TAIJIUINO Due R2S -- Compatible with Arduino Due
Price: $19.99
Sale: $18.99
Save: 5% off
Date Added: Thursday 22 May, 2014
Out of Stock
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Out of Stock, R3 will come soon.Introduce to this board TAIJI means TAICHI. TAIJIUINO Due board derives from Arduino Due. Compared with Arduino Due,...
Wifi RFID Reader (beta)--Mifare classic, Ultralight, Desfire
Model: WIL_NFC_WI_089
Price: $99.00  $69.00
Sale: $65.55
Save: 34% off
Date Added: Friday 08 January, 2016
Out of Stock
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Overview This device could read/write RFID tag through TCP/UDP.So easily we could operate it on PC or Phone wiresslt. It supports wifi/Enthernet....
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