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5.0“ TFT LCD and Shield for Arduino DUE, with SD & Touch control

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Product Description:


We've already has an 3.2" TFT Screen shield for Arduino Due. Now here comes the 5.0" TFT Shield for Arduino Due.

from elechouse.com

Arduino Due is based on 32-bit ARM processor, and it is much more powerful than Arduino UNO/Mega. So if you play Arduino DUE and TFT, you feel everything abviously runs faster than Arduino Mega. You could display a picture shortly.


Our shield is designed for Arduino DUE/ Taijiuino DUE board. It is not compatible with Arduino Mega/Mega2560. Please DO NOT insert it to Arduino Mega/Mega2560. We are not responsible for any damage caused by mistake of operation.

Unlike last version, the new shield board connecting Arduino Due and TFT Screen now could supply 3.3V or 5V voltage to TFT screen, which means being compatible with both 3.2" TFT Screen and 5.0" TFT Screen.

Our TFT shield doesn't cover all the female pins like most of other TFT shield. We know that sometimes we need other modules connected with Arduino at the same time. To make things easier, our designing also leaves space for a Sensor Shield. Users don't need to spend much time on wiring.

As shown in the picture above, most of the interfaces are availble, including UART, I2C, PWM and analog ports.

  • Plug in and Play
  • 5V Power Supply (Choose 3V3 on the converting board for 5.0" screen)
  • 3V3 TTL data interface
  • 5.0" 800*480  TFT Screen with SD and Touching Control
  • SSD1963 driver and XPT2046 touch controller


Visit our Github page to download the library.

Place the library folder under <arduinoIDE>/Libraries/. You may need to change the folder name. Restart the IDE.

Open the sample: UTFT_Demo_TFT5


Upload it to Arduino Due. Then you could watch the various kinds of moving pictures.

You could watch the demo on Youtube.

Touch controlling example is still available in the libarary.


Product list

  • 5.0" TFT screen x1
  • TFT Shield x1
  • Copper fixture x2


We will ship you 1pcs of touch pen asa gift if we have in stock. We only have 100pcs in stock. If we ran out of stock, we would stopping sending this gift without any notification. Please contact us if it is a must to you.

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