5V Power DC Buck Wire


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This mini-buck module is designed based on BUCK topology. Output voltage is stable 5V. It has plastic cover outside, which could prevent dust and moisture. Input side contains a self-recovery fuse PPTC. With the Zener diode, they could protect the module against voltage pulse.


  • Input Voltage 6.7V-36V, output 5V, 500mA.
  • Ultra-small dimension, like a wire
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Plastic protection against circuit shorting, dust and moisture.
  • Ultra-Low static power self-consumption, as low as 560uA.


Parameter Value Notification
Input voltage  6.7V ~ 36V
Output Voltage 5V±4%
Max Output Current 500mA Depends on Input Voltage, See below table
Input Quiescent Current  950uA@6.7V
560uA @ 24V
620uA @ 35V
If remove the LED, the current could become much smaller, almost half of the value
Reverse Input Protection Yes
Over-voltage Protection No If INPUT > 36V, it could bear 2 seconds



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Buck Wire x 1

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