Ferrite Anti-Interference Shielding Sticker


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NFC (Near Field Communication) technology relies on magnetic field induction to enable communication between devices or between a device and a card. When a contactless card is placed near a mobile phone, the metal components in the phone can interfere with the magnetic field, disrupting the communication and preventing the card from being read properly. This is particularly problematic for cards that are frequently used in close proximity to phones, such as transit cards, access cards, school ID cards, and bank cards.

The solution to this problem is to use a shielding sticker made from ferrite, a special absorbing material that can effectively block metal interference. By placing this sticker between the phone and the card, the integrity of the magnetic field is maintained, allowing the card to function as intended.

Use Cases for Ferrite Shielding:

1. **Transit Cards**: Prevents interference when carrying transit cards and mobile phones together, ensuring quick and reliable access to public transportation.

2. **Access Cards**: Ensures smooth operation of office or residential access cards without interference from mobile devices.

3. **School ID Cards**: Maintains functionality of student ID cards, which may be used for access control, library checkouts, and other campus services.

4. **Bank Cards**: Protects contactless payment cards from interference, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

5. **NFC Readers**: Prevents metal objects from interfering with NFC readers used in point-of-sale systems, security checkpoints, and other applications, ensuring reliable communication between the reader and NFC-enabled devices or cards.

By integrating ferrite shielding stickers, users can mitigate the effects of metal interference, enhancing the reliability and performance of their contactless cards and NFC readers in various everyday scenarios.

Product information

**Material**: Ferrite Absorbing Material

**Color**: Silver Gray

**Dimensions**: 85MM x 53.5MM x 0.2MM

**Adhesive**: One-sided Adhesive

**Magnetic Permeability**: 150 μ


Weight 0.05 kg
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