PN532 NFC RFID Module w/ External Antenna — updated version


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This is updated version:


  • Antenna cable variable: 5cm/15cm/30cm/50cm/100cm
  • Mifare Classic: 5~6cm (depending to the cable length)
  • SRT512(ISO14443B): 3~4cm



  1. Tiny small dimension and easy to embed into your project: 35mm x 24mm (main board)
  2. Support I2C, SPI and HSU (High Speed UART), easy to change between those modes
  3. Support RFID reading and writing, P2P communication with peers, NFC with Android phone
  4. On-board level shifter, Standard 5V TTL for I2C and UART, 3.3V TTL SPI
  5. External antenna, with variable cable length option: 5cm/15cm/30cm/50cm/100cm


  • Mifare tags: 5~6cm (depending to the cable length)
  • SRT512(ISO14443B): 3~4cm
Untested but supported by PN532 chip:
  • ISO/IEC 14443-4 cards such as CD97BX, CD light, P5CN072 (SMX)
  • Innovision Jewel cards such as IRT5001 card
  • FeliCa cards such as RCS_860 and RCS_854

Main Board


We redesigned the antenna. So it is possible to change the antenna cable length. If you want to make your own cable, make sure the cable impedance is 50 ohm.

Currently we tested 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 100cm cable. Reading distance on Mifare Classic tag is over 5cm.


Please refer to PN532 NFC RFID module V3 kits for function information. Those two boards share the same schematic but in different form.



Product List

  • PN532 main board(improved version) x1
  • 15cm antenna cable x1
  • Antenna board(improved version) x1

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