PN7160 NFC RFID MODULE–coming soon


PN7150 Module, to replace PN532 Module

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This is comming soon…



The NXP PN7160 is a comprehensive NFC (Near Field Communication) controller designed to simplify the development and integration of NFC capabilities into various applications, including those running on Android or Linux operating systems. It supports all NFC forum modes, meaning it is versatile enough to handle a multitude of NFC operations such as reader/writer mode, peer-to-peer mode, and card emulation mode.

In terms of connectivity, the PN7160 can interface with a range of popular microcontroller units (MCUs) through I2C or SPI interfaces, making it compatible with a broad array of systems. It works with MCUs such as LPC, Kinetis, and i.MX. There’s also a PN7161 version that adds support for Apple’s Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) (We already made PN7161 sample boards but current linux_libnfc-nci doesn’t support it).


  • Supply voltage: VDD-1.8V or 3.3 V,¬† ¬†VANT-2.5V~5.8V


We also PN7161 samples but since the linux_libnfc-nci doesn’t support it, we could not test it

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